Interior Design

  • July 2021

    LDa Details: The Bedside

    When it comes to photographing our projects, we love capturing it all. From major kitchen renovations to revitalized exteriors, or newly furnished living rooms to refurbished bathrooms, one of our favorite parts of the process is seeing it all come together in the end in a beautiful photograph. Whether big or small, we love to put emphasis on the details here at LDa. We've shared a few of our favorite primary bedside photos on Instagram and wanted to feature a few more to showcase all the materials, texture and furniture that can truly shape a small space.
  • September 2020

    Tried & True Paint Colors

    When it comes to paint, there's a lot of ground (or walls, rather) that need to be covered. Picking paint can be a frustrating task, especially when there are so many options to consider, but it is a very powerful design component that shouldn't be overlooked. It can make your space feel light and bright, or dark and dramatic, which is why it is so fun to pick out shades with our clients. We've rounded up a few of our interior designers to share with you their "tried and true" paint color recommendations that they love to use.
  • July 2020

    Creating a Colorful Kids Bath

    Inspired by magazine cut outs and collages, our Interiors team at LDa thought it would be fun to create our own editorial-take on how to recreate a look of our own. Complete with products, materials and accessories, scroll down to read how we would put together another colorful kid's bath: Project Featured: Blue Hills
  • June 2020

    Pantone Color of the Year 2020

    When Pantone announced their Color of The Year for 2020, we knew it was going to be one of our favorites! It is a familiar, calming color called "Classic Blue," which we love to use a variation of in our color palettes when designing our client's homes. This quote from Architectural Digest sums up perfectly why we gravitate towards this particular hue:
  • May 2020

    The Archer Residences | Behind the Artwork

    The Archer Residences - Entrance | Rendering by Neoscape
  • April 2018

    Issue #1: The Sofa Equation

    Each edition of LDa's Stylus is intended to give readers a window into our methods by examining a specific moment in the design process. Using our photo library as a source of inspiration, we've asked Interior Designer, Dean Sawyer, to explore how he might put together a sofa and accessories.
  • March 2018

    A Hidden Gem: The Butler's Pantry

    When it comes to redesigning or refreshing your home, most people tend to focus on the kitchen. It makes sense why since it's the hub of the home; where you can eat, socialize and entertain in one space, but there’s a tendency to overlook the kitchen’s essential counterpart— the pantry. It’s a hidden gem of sorts, which can pack a lot of punch into a small amount of space.
  • February 2018

    What's Trending: Wallpaper

    With the warm weather in sight and with spring right around the corner, we can’t help but look forward to infusing our designs with a bit more color and pattern. One trend we’ve noticed resurfacing, especially for spring, is wallpaper. Whether on an accent wall or even as a statement on the ceiling, we’ve seen all different kinds of wallpaper being incorporated into people’s homes. From metallic or embroidered to textured or floral, homeowners are becoming more adventurous when it comes to decorating the spaces in their homes!
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