What's Trending: Wallpaper

With the warm weather in sight and with spring right around the corner, we can’t help but look forward to infusing our designs with a bit more color and pattern. One trend we’ve noticed resurfacing, especially for spring, is wallpaper. Whether on an accent wall or even as a statement on the ceiling, we’ve seen all different kinds of wallpaper being incorporated into people’s homes. From metallic or embroidered to textured or floral, homeowners are becoming more adventurous when it comes to decorating the spaces in their homes!

LDa Interior Designer, Dean Sawyer, says: “People have let go of the bad 70s wallpaper and are looking to be more adventurous with their design. Wallpaper is the perfect way to add another layer for dimension, texture and depth.” Dean also mentioned that he loves mixing and matching prints throughout the room. We've noticed that eclecticism is on the rise which translates into a well-balanced and eye-catching design. Tip: The perfect way to downplay a pattern ( or a combination of patterns) is to pair it with a neutral palette.

One of our Interior Designer’s, Erin Tracey, said “Our clients are looking to get more formal again but still incorporate it with a minimalist palette. We’re seeing wallpaper used as an accent to a room, rather than just as a statement piece.” Erin’s favorite part about wallpaper is that it is perfect for any room, and it’s simple to swap out. “Homeowner’s just need to view it as another accessory in the home, rather than a novelty piece.”

Current wallpaper materials are much easier to install (and easier to take out), so if you get tired of one look, you can swap it in the years to come.  Take a look below to see how we’ve been incorporating different types of wallpaper into our projects! 

Cosmopolitan Condominium
Wallpaper: Phillip Jeffries | Gilded Age

Riverside Park
Alcove Wallpaper: Innovations | Denmark
Ceiling Wallpaper: Stark | Tea Squares | Color: Silver Onyx

Birch Grove
Wallpaper: Hygge & West | Serengeti

Willow Hill
Wallpaper: Flavor Paper | Cuben

Upton Park
Wallpaper: Cowtan & Tout | Dynasty