The Archer Residences | Behind the Artwork

The Archer Residences - Entrance | Rendering by Neoscape

As soon as you walk through the aged-bronze doors at The Archer Residences, you are greeted with a space that is completely curated. From the interior décor to the art hanging on the walls, every material within the Archer was carefully considered and meant to evoke a sense of craftmanship and the timelessness of Beacon Hill.

From the beginning, owners JDMD wanted to invest in original and local art as an approach to placemaking, engaging buyers and benefitting future residents. Throughout the building JDMD was supportive of adding distinctive artwork to make each floor feel unique and tailored to its residents, as opposed to displaying poster or stock images. Our whole team worked closely with JDMD and Boston Art to curate a collection that blends style, technique, and media to give the luxury condominiums a bespoke residential feel.

Boston Art | Photographer: Eric Laignel

LDa has been lucky enough to work with the talented staff at Boston Art on our residential and commercial projects, and they continually provide exceptional service. Whether through visits to their Boston showroom, or working remotely, they are dedicated to thoughtfully matching clients to artists, leveraging the depth and diversity of their collection. From the initial discussion through their personalized proposals, selection, customization, and installation, they make it easy for the design team and clients to select the best pieces for their project.

Artwork Presentation by Boston Art

For the Archer Residences, this process began with a group showroom visit, and an initial collection of options. Working together with the owners and Boston Art, LDa narrowed the selection down to a select group of pieces for the common areas and seven residential floors that represent a variety of artists and subject matter. Artwork was chosen on feedback from the owner designers to complement the interior design scheme, creating a cohesive atmosphere

The Archer Residence's Lobby | Rendering by Neoscape
Artwork Above Fireplace by Lori Schouela
Reception Desk Artwork by Matt Shilan 

In the lobby, there are two focal art pieces that welcome guests and residents. One is a bright white abstract piece that was made by a local artist Lori Shouela— created from rose petals imprinted with an aluminum dye-sublimation process. The result is subtle and striking from afar, but up close it is minutely detailed and mesmerizing.

The second piece was custom designed as part of the face of the lobby desk, and is being made by paper artist Matt Shlian, who creates folded geometric, modular forms in preset patterns. The piece for the Archer will be set behind a glass panel with specialized LED lighting to showcase the three-dimensional texture. If you scroll down below, you can see the artist creating our custom piece and the ombre effect of the dye on each section. We are thrilled at the result and are excited to see it get installed soon! 

Matt Shilan in his studio working on the custom piece of artwork for the Archer's reception desk.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the Archer Residences, stay tuned for the installation of the art pieces in late Summer!