Office Events

  • November 2017

    LDa Update: What We've Been Up To

    October was a busy month for us LDa-ers. From boxing to biking, there was no shortage of activities to partake in around the office. We had a fantastic time cheering our staff on from the sidelines and raising money for some great causes. If you're curious as to what exactly we got up to, read down below!
  • October 2017

    LDa FUN DAY 2017

    For all of you who don't know what LDa's "FUN Day" really is, it's a day where all of us LDa-ers get to leave the office early and set out to participate in an event that's been secretly coordinated. This year's surprise event was cooking classes in the North End at Taranta! We broke up into four teams for our four courses: Caprese Salad, Pasta, Chicken & Pork, and Tiramisu, and our teams had to go on a scavenger hunt in the North End to find all of the ingredients. After accomplishing that we headed back to the restaurant for the main dish: cooking!
  • August 2017

    LDa Kayaking 2017

    Last Friday, a bunch of LDa-ers traded their pens for paddles and headed out on the Charles for an afternoon of kayaking! Scroll down for some photos of our excursion. A special thanks to Charles River Canoe & Kayak for accomodating us.
  • September 2016

    LDa's Annual FUN Day 2016

    This year at LDa's Annual FUN Day, we left the office early and headed out on a surprise adventure where we mastered the art of glass blowing! Thanks to Diablo Glass School, we each got to experience a different method of making glass creations and even got to watch while they made us a installation for our office. We can't wait to get our paperweights, coasters and pendants back to show off our newly found glass-making skills! 
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