LDa Softball Team

  • May 2017

    LDa Softball: First Game of 2017

    The LDa Arch-Attacks are back for another season of softball! We are so excited to be back on the field and can't wait to show off our new skills and  team players.  Last week we played against PCA and lost 17-13, but it was a close game! Take a look down below for some action shots.
  • August 2016

    End of Season Round-Up: LDa Softball Team

    This week was the official ending to our first LDa inaugural softball team's season. Although we were new to the game, we gave it everything we got and  saw some vast improvements in our techniques.  We had so much fun getting out on the field and playing, so thank you to those who cheered us on from the stands and made it out to our games. With the colder months approaching, we're thinking we may give volleyball a shot! Check out below some fun pictures from our games.
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