RStudio Headquarters

RStudio Headquarters

Boston, MA

When the opportunity to expand into an open office across the hall in their building, RStudio knew they wanted to take advantage of the new space (which LDa renovated in 2012 for a previous tenant) to create a central hub for their company. 

After growing quickly over the past few years and having employees who work remotely across the world, RStudio knew they needed a communal space where their team could come together—whether it was for hosting meetings or training sessions. The main goal was to provide more flexible lounge/work spaces, as well as a dedicated conference and training space, where employees could engage in more collaborative work. Our vision was to keep the aesthetics cohesive to what LDa had begun in the original office and to make the slightly industrial space feel lighter, brighter, modern and fun. The result is an active and engaging office that offers a diverse array of space suited for any employee’s preferred working environment.


Architect: LDa Architecture & Interiors

Interior Design: LDa Architecture & Interiors

Photographer: Greg Premru Photography

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