North End Townhouse | Bath Addition

North End Townhouse | Bath Addition

Boston, MA

At a mere 14-feet wide and 55-feet long with five floors, this classic 1880’s era townhouse - the only free-standing single family structure in the North End of Boston - presents some unique challenges. Our third major project with this client following the orginal remodeling project and a subsequent update to the basement and guest area, was a new multi-story addition to expand and renovate the baths on each floor, as well the exterior roof deck.

The vertical addition on the western corner is clad in white Equitone fibre cement marked by a grid work of seams and perforations for corresponding interior windows. The new material shares similar language with the existing lead-coated copper cladding, but makes a striking statement against the brick facade. On the interior, the renovated baths are modern and spa-like, incorporating subtly textured tile and warm wooden accents. The expanded roof deck and new bicycle storage add additional functionality to this tight, urban site.


Architect: LDa Architecture & Interiors 

Builder: F.H. Perry Builder

Photographer: Sean Litchfield

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