Community Nursery School

Community Nursery School

Lexington, MA

The Community Nursery School in Lexington, MA was founded in 1943 with a goal to provide a quality nursery school experience for children, parents and teachers. LDa Principal Michael Waters volunteered his time, working with the school’s Director and a dedicated group of past and present parents to rise to the challenge of replacing the aging facility.

Inspired by the long-standing partnering between parents and teachers and the idea of nurturing children in a close community, the new design incorporates shared spaces for the benefit of both children and families. As each child, parent and teacher is a respected member of the community - the design responds to each individual. For example, the scale and shape of classroom pavilions evoke the home environment while establishing individual classroom identity. Circulation and support spaces outside the classrooms support the teachers extended work of curriculum planning and documentation.

The plan is a 45’ x 200’ rectangle with administrative and utility spaces lining the western edge with the four large classrooms opening up to the east and morning light. The pavilions that designate each room from the exterior are color coded to match the interior classrooms.


Architect: LDa Architecture & Interiors

Builder: Acella Construction Corporation

Photographer: Sean Litchfield Photography

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