What Makes a Good House...and Why? a B/A/D Talk


Mark your calendars! Principals Treffle LaFleche and John Day will be speaking at a B/A/D Talk on March 24, 2015:


What Makes a Good House...and Why?

Human dwellings may be small or large...urban, suburban, or rural…seaside, lakeside, or mountainside…and built in dozens, if not hundreds, of differing styles. But are there basic criteria that underlie people's notions of what makes a proper home? Join author Ann Sussman, architect Treff LaFleche, interior designer John Day, and New England Home editor Kyle Hoepner for an exploration of how New England's residential design professionals grapple with these ideas.

MODERATOR: Kyle Hoepner, Editor in Chief, New England Home
PANELISTS: Treff LaFleche and John Day, LDa Architecture & Interiors, Ann Sussman, architect, writer
DATE: Tuesday, March 24, 5:30 PM-8:00 PM
PLACE: District Hall, 75 Northern Avenue, Boston

Open to the public - bring a friend or client!
RSVP: linda@badtalks.com