Mini-Designers at LDa!

On Tuesday we had a different type of "client" meeting and got to host a local kindergarten class! They just started a course on construction, so we had them tour the office and then learn about the process of designing and building. Throughout the year the class has been touring local buildings to get a better sense of size, scale, and types of buildings; but we thought it would be especially fun if they could see how a project all comes together before it is actually built, right here in our office! Two of our architects, Kimberly Barnett and Julieta Ohri showed the kids what it's like to design a project from start to finish, and then we got to color and brainstorm ideas with materials. All in all, we had a blast and can't to see what these little designers get up to in the future!

The class in action! Here we were talking about what the client's envisioned intially for their home.

Setting up the tables for our talk we wanted to show a variety of materials that they could work with.