LDa's Links of the Day: August 28, 2015

We're back for another installment of our 'LDa's Links of the Day.'

1. Have you heard of the wind-powered Strandbeests? They attracted quite the crowd in Ipswich last weekend, so be sure to arrive early to stake out a good spot if you are checking them out in the city today.

2. Arch2O.com put out this video of a interactive topical map. Very cool!

3. There have been numerous theories on how the pyramids were built, including this one by French materials scientist Joseph Davidovits which Professor Michel Barsoum and graduate student Adrish Ganguly have seemingly proven.

4. Touring the United States in an RV is on everyone's bucket list, right? Well, now you can rent one directly from the owner, similar to AirBnB. Time to stock up on those road maps.

5. Google has created yet another fascinating tool - Project Sunroof. Only currently available in Boston and San Francisco, Project Sunroof allows homeowners to 'calculate your roofs solar energy potential.'