LDa's Links of the Day: August 21, 2015

The world of architecture and design is a fascinating one filled with products and techniques that are constantly evolving. In a new blog series called "LDa's Links of the Day," we will share with you the links that we've found through out the week that make us say, "wow!"

Check out this weeks links below:

1. Ever wondered how marble quarrying works? Check out this video that Architectural Designer Britni Jeziorski found from a quarry in Northwest Italy.
2. Architect Thomas Adamietz found this link to a home built by bates masi Architects in Sag Harbor, NY that uses a stainless steel hook system to secure the finish on the inside and outside of the building. Picture 9 has a detail shot.
3. A couple in Calgary is renovating their kitchen to look like the one from The Simpsons cartoon.
4. Afraid of heights? This pool might not be for you.
5. The average 10 minute shower uses upwards of 40 gallons of water. NASA figured out a way to slash that and reduce water usage 1.5 gallons.