Exploring Rendering Styles

We've been having an internal discussion about how we create renderings in our office - going through the archive and pulling examples over the past decade and looking at the kinds of renderings we're able to produce now with the technology at hand. We were also looking at how individual styles vary within the office. All of this with the idea of defining some standards and styles within the office, sharing tips and techniques and building a library of images.

We thought it would be interesting to share some of the examples we collected and the tools used to create them:

Interior/Exterior Perspective: Hand drawn sketch drawn on trace, colorized in Adobe Photoshop. Used to communicate schematic design to clients.

Interior Perspective: SketchUp rendering, colors and graphics added in Adobe Photoshop. Created to explore wall color and conference room graphics options with client.

Exterior Elevation: AutoCAD drawing, color and background added in Adobe Photoshop. A series of these were made to select exterior material colors and placements with the client.

Interior Perspective: Hand Sketch with actual site photo placed in the windows using Adobe Photoshop. Created during Schematic Design to illustrate the connection to the dramatic rural site.

Interior Perspective: Hand sketch with color and scanned materials added in Adobe Photoshop. Used to assist an interiors client to visualize paint and fabric choices.

Exterior Perspective: Autodesk Revit drawing with added background and figures in Adobe Photoshop. Made as part of an internal series of project illustrations.

Building Section Detail: SketchUp model created to illustrate building components to the builder.

Exterior Elevation: Autodesk Revit drawing with added background and greenery in Adobe Photoshop. Used for approval from local historic commission.

Interior Perspective: Autodesk Revit model, professionally rendered by an outside consultant - Pixate Creative. Used for client's marketing materials, units will be going up for sale once completed.