2015 BSA Homeowner's Project Handbook

Every year the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) comes out with a Project Handbook for homeowners. Inside you will find contact information for Architects, Landscape Architects and Builders, tips and tricks that come in handy when planning for a renovation and some budget planning tools. We are particularly excited about this year's issue because our Broad Cove Residence project is on the cover, as well as some of our other projects (Meadow View Residence and Chestnut Woods) that are sprinkled throughout. Check out the pages that highlight our work below, and some of the helpful questions the BSA suggests considering while looking to start a renovation and/or hire an architect. Also, if you would like your own copy of this handbook you can stop by the BSA at 290 Congress Street, Suite 200 in Boston or call then at (617) 391-4000. A big thank you to the BSA for showcasing our projects throughout the handbook!